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*Fan Fictions*

“The best way to save a dime at a fast food run through is to have fans who work at the place that's serving the food so they can hook you up."


“I probably would have more likely believed that the record would have topped the $4.99 for sale bin at your local record store. So, the fact that it's at the top of anything is cool, but for it to be the best selling album of the year is just ridiculous. I can only say it's because of the extreme dedication and exuberance of our fan base that is really... If you notice that the record has stayed really consistently on the charts, it's because I really think it's because it's a word of mouth record."

"Have any of you guys heard the rumour that Joe tried out for O-Town?"

" One time, Chester jumped on a porta-toilet during a show and fell through the roof he did the whole show dangling over the toilet."

Q: Why does brad wear earphones when he plays guitar?
A: Cause his ears are really big. he looks like the guy on the cover of mad magazine

"Eminem is funny. Eminem is also a homophobic jerk."

"We are renaming the band to Blink-Nsync 182."

"Our record label won't pay people to write us new songs until we get the dance moves to our Clairol commercial right."

"Brad, is it true that your mom is a hamster?"

"When I was little I was a brat."

"If you were sitting in your living room watching T.V., having a poptart and a soda, and some drunken idiot walked into your home wanting to use your bathroom—you'd frigging call the cops!"

"Mr. Hahn is god."

"Joe, do you remember me from Minnesota? You looked at me when you were playing."

"A lot has been made of the contrast between Chester and me because we are totally different in a lot of ways. He's crazy for a start off. I'm sane. He used to run around at the age of two singing Foreigner songs. I certainly didn't. He'll show you his butt. I wouldn't inflict that on anybody. We learned pretty early on in this band that you can't have snobbery in music. Our guitarist is a huge Britney Spears fan."

Q: "If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?"
A: "Look at naked girls, of course."

"I'm not tired... I'm not tired... I'm... zzzzzzzzzz..."

"Look how fat my head is. It's even fatter than normal. It's too big!"

[camera on Snug-Fit Condoms] "Sucks to be the guy who has to wear one of these, huh"?

"Mike is so hot... Oops, I mean Joe."

"Christina Aguilera looks like a poodle in her new video."

"Brad Delson only wears Urban Decay nail polish, available at Hot Topic."


“Brad is a stomach model for men's fitness."

"It's as funny as a corny sloth climbing through a manhole."

"The main thing you'll grasp out of the video is that the robots are just beating the shit out of each other."( referring to The Points  Of Authority REMIX Video)

"Brad Delson Theory."

"Brad is the best turn-tablist ever."


 "...Go ahead.. light those lighters.. and for you non-smokers who just happen to be carrying lighters (haha), I tell you what, I know there is some industry people out there, so on the count of 3, light your cell phones up and put them in the air, we are going to flip it on them.. ready?, one, two, THREE! (Chester: Look at all of those cellphones!) And now people with both, light your cellphones on fire."
(Mike - Before My
December @ Kroq Christmas 2001)


"We support free music, so download that shit!"

"I'm addicted to Chester."

"It's me time, it's not Chester time, it's me time, me!"


"I have a toothbrush... my toothbrush is sexy"


"Shut up, you can't sing that. That's our song."


"It's a necessary evil to have labels for music, so people have a way to talk
about it. But fans should remember that when people say Linkin Park is rap-rock or Marilyn Manson is goth or Jay-Z is rap, we just don't do that. That's the media's job, to label things, because everybody wants the hot thing. And then everybody
wants to trash the hot thing and make a new hot thing."


"You haven't lived until you've drawn a 90 year old woman naked."'


"When you're feeling down, get a dozen roses and stand in front of a mirror. you'll be looking at the thirteen prettiest things in the world."


MiuMiu: MIke, what do u prefer: N*SYNC or BackstreetBoys?
Mike: slow death


"One time, Chester jumped on a porta-toilet during a show and fell through the roof he did the whole show dangling over the toilet."


"Turn the suck down"