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*Mike Shinoda's biography*

*Mike Shinoda's bio*
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*Fan Fictions*

Name: Michael Kenji Shinoda
Born: 2/11/1977
Birthplace: Agoura, California
Nicknames: Mike/Shinizzle/Glue/Spike Minoda/Akira
Nationality: Japanese
Instrument: Vocals, Beats + Samples, Keyboard, Guitar
High School: Agoura High School
College: Art Center College of Design in Pasadena
Major: Illustration but studied graphic arts heavily
Inspiration: The Killer B's concert
Martial Status: Married, to Anna Shinoda on May 10, 2003
Favorite Food: Japanese, Indian
Favorite places to travel: New York, Sydney, Japan
Interests/Hobbies: Paints, drawing, computers, movies
Music: Tool to Dido
Wears contacts and rarely wears glasses
Met Brad in 7th grade.
Met Rob in high school.
Met Joe in college.
Met Chester by wanted singer ad.
Designed the Hybrid Theory Street Soldier.
Also designed a logo for Styles of Beyond.
Past Bands: Xero, Hybrid Theory
Mike plays guitar and piano on some songs
Few Guitars: Crawling, Somewhere I belong
Few Piano: Numb, Breaking the Habit
When it comes to Mike's hair it has changed many colors from dark blue, light blue, red, black with red tips, blonde, to his natural hair black but Mike says his natural hair color is dark blue
Mike also did, "Its going down" with the X-ecutioners