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*You know youre obsessed when*

*Mike Shinoda's bio*
*You know youre obsessed when*
*Fan Fictions*

Written by: Michelle 5h1n0d4

You have memorised Mike's bio  by heart

You love him so much, you would buy he's solo album

You gauged your ears and have the same EXACT earings as him

You have been to Agoura High Skool

You are planning to go to the same collage he went too.

You refer to your boyfriend as Mike and that is not even his real name

You write Mike fan fictions

You dedicated websites to him and him only.

You room is plastered in nothing but The Glue

You only call him The Glue or Spike Minoda

You know everything there is possibly to know about him.

You know every illness/ injury he has had

You’re convinced that your surname is Shinoda

You own a black pair of the EXCACT same Glasses he has

You dye your hair the same colors he does when he dyes it

You and your friend/s pretend that you are married to him and Have a LOOK ALIKE ring like his

You write his name over and over again when your bored on your website or on paper in school

Written by: Me!

You talk about him 24/7

You say he's your date (ex. Valentine's / Dances)

You send him a letter every month

You have a folder filled with Mike pics even the ones when he was in school

You join every Mike Shinoda fanlisting possible

You name your child after Mike